Video Contest DNBN 2019: first dance video received !

Do you like music EDM, from DNBN Video music producer, want to win a price of 50 USD? Send us your short or long video on EDM music, based upon our new song PINOCCHIO REMIX and WIN Price 50 USD !

You will participate in the selection for all our future videos and your reputation will grow along with that of DNBN.

You will become more and more known thanks to DNBN advertising and your video will become as viral as our DNBN music producer.

What are you waiting for? Send your video immediately to our email, send us a link, a WeTrasfer, or give us a youtube address to download and see your fantastic and cool dance.

We can’t wait to see how fantastic you are. And you can send a video with whoever you want, even with your group of friends!

Take these steps to WIN PRIZE EDM MUSIC by DNBN:

  1. Listen to the music PINOCCHIO REMIX – EDM Music by DNBN Music Producer from Italy (find here link)
  2. Try to dance on it, for whole music or just few seconds (minimum 25/30 seconds for Price 2019)
  3. Send us your video made with phone, computer, cam to: directly or with WeTransfer or Link to any folder
  4. You will receive a confirm and privacy policy from DNBN
  5. You can WIN first price or any other gadget or prize from DNBN Music Producer
  6. You can also WIN if you share this post to friends in your social


Listen to Pinocchio Remix – EDM Music from DNBN


Send us your video dance or EDM Music Dance

If you don’t have link for your video, you can send it via email in .zip format or with WeTrasfer to

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