“Tim”, the posthumous album of Avicii tells us his artistic legacy through EDM

The posthumous album by Avicii, “Tim”, incorporates acoustic instruments and elements from outside the EDM, while possessing a clear contradiction between the euphoric mood of the music and its darker lyrical content.

‘Tim’ is Avicii’s third album, the sequel to ‘True Stories’ in 2015, and his 12 songs are his musical journey towards a more song-oriented approach, also incorporating acoustic instruments and elements external to the EDM.

The album

The album, which will be released on June 6th, is a perfect union between the euphoria of man’s joy and his darker lyrical side.

What stands out in this production is the feeling of a strong, yet harmonious incongruity between the joyful and euphoric aspect and the gloomy and obscure aspect of his music, a reflection of what he had inside.
His friends and family members have said that during his last months he was fine, and produced the best music possible. But, as often happens, the darker and more painful sides of a person are unfathomable and almost always hide very well behind a mask of joy.

It would be useless to try to make assumptions and look for answers from this album that, in the end, there will never be. The only thing we can do is reflect, feel, perceive Tim in this album and think about the extraordinary musical heritage that he left us.

His productions have expanded the sound of the “EDM festival”, has enriched his globalist dance music with hints of country, world music and pop totally revolutionizing the EDM panorma. And even if it’s just a small ray of light in the midst of a tragedy, the family launched the Tim Bergling Foundation to raise money and think about mental health and suicide prevention. The profits of the album will be right for the benefit of this wonderful foundation.

We leave you the video of “Tim”, waiting for June 6th.

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