The EDM in America suffers: here is the music market’s data

As reported by research in the music market, it seems that edm is falling in the countries of the American states.

For years, a vibrant American market has helped spur growth in the global electronic music industry with Las Vegas, where superstar DJs continue to hold multi-million dollar commissions, becoming the main US hub for EDM fans. However, according to recent estimates, the share of dance music on the music market in the United States has dropped to 3% in 2018, down from 3.5% the previous year.

Research estimates

The popularity of the EDM in the American market has fallen sharply, judging by the annual economic study of the International Music Summit (IMS).
The estimated earnings of the ten highest paid DJs have dropped to $ 261 million in 2018, the lowest total since 2013, with Calvin Harris topping the list ($ 48 million last year, according to Forbes), followed by Chainsmoker ($ 45.5 million) and Tiësto ($ 33 ​​million).

As reported, the pool parties and raves are also falling in the list of leisures chosen by the population.
In 2016, 15% of visitors to the city said they had been to a nightclub during their stay. In 2018, the number was only 7%, while the number of people who went to join parties during the same period dropped from 11% to 4%.

Globally, the electronic music business – which includes sales, DJ gains, clubs, festivals and branding – slid 1% in 2018 to $ 7.2 billion, down from $ 7.3 billion the previous year .

So is EDM going through periods of crisis? Perhaps, but it resists and grows despite everything.

The markets that recorded good growth were European countries such as Germany, where EDM’s share of the recorded music market bounced to 7.1% and North America as Canada, where it rose to 5.9%.

According to the IFPI survey data, dance and electronic music is the third most popular genre in the world listened to by about 1.5 billion people worldwide.
Therefore, no fear for EDM fans, electronic music is still in vogue, but only genuine thick electronic music makes its way into this difficult market.

Here is a taste from the DNBN youtube channel.


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