Smash Mouth’s success “All Star” gets an EDM remix for its 20th anniversary

How can we forget the “All Star” success of Smash Mouth? Well, nobody has forgotten: for the 20th anniversary of the piece, an EDM version comes out.

The Breathe Carolina duo released an EDM remix of the “All Star” piece, giving the 1999 piece a new sound, a little bit more and a tropical atmosphere. Listen.

Over the years, it appears that hundreds of All Star remixes have emerged, and we as a band are flattered and grateful for the love and attention. We didn’t commission an official remix to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our All Star success … until now.

Smash Mouth said in a statement.

‘All Star’ was released on May 4. Its inclusion on the soundtrack of the first “Shrek” movie two years later “skyrocketed the band into a different world,” guitarist Greg Camp told Rolling Stone earlier this year.

‘All Star’ was a huge part of our early lives. It was such a big song when we were growing up. To think that we got to take it and give it a modern twist is so crazy!

Breathe Carolina – the Denver, Colorado duo of David Schmitt and Tommy Cooperman – said.


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