Secular Sabbath: the eccentric event attended by Diplo and Flume

After the fast-paced, playful, party-oriented and lively pace of Coachella, an event calmed the waters with its mystical tranquility: the Secular Sabbath.

The king of EDM, Diplo, took part in Indo (California) to perform. He was the latest to play at the event series. Joined by superstar Flume, the duo played some music at Secular Sabbath, but not the type you’d expect.

The show

In line with the unusual and mystical style of the show, the two singers performed in a totally unique performance. Diplo and Flume played out at an event where people were hanging out in hot tubs and meditating; certainly something very different from the usual Diplo performances and light years away from the past Coachella style.

A place to hear the music, inside and out, meditate on the deep things and relax in the saturated air of relaxation; certainly the Secular Sabbath was an extraordinary show.

It was a blast. I got to sit in a hot tub, I took a nap – there was great stuff going on all at the same time. And I got to play some cool music and I loved it. It’s good to try new thingsDiplo said, to Rolling Stones.

The artist is certainly at the center of many projects, after Coachella, the Secular Sabbath and the launch of Diplo’s “country” side project, Thomas Wesley.
Diplo is obviously busy and always looking for new things, transformations and adventures.







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