San Diego established itself in the EDM with the CRSSD Festival

Produced by FNGRS CRSSD, the boutique event on the sea has gained international notoriety and many come from all over the country and from Europe to participate.

The autumn edition 2019 of CRSSD Fest will be held from 28th to 29th September at the Waterfront Park in downtown San Diego.

The event

In recent years, San Diego has emerged silently as one of the hotspots of electronic music, particularly house and techno. A large city in its own right (with a population of 1.5 million inhabitants) that vibrates with positive energy, which comes directly from the beach and from the salt air, which is now dancing to the rhythm of EDM thanks to the success of the CRSSD Festival. The oldest gathering of music fans that has now become the leading house and techno music festival.

CRSSD offers three unique stages surrounded by breathtaking views of the city of San Diego; a real city tour accompanied by the best EDM music. The two-day event is known for its eclectic lineup that ranges from live and emerging artists to the heavyweights of EDM.



And here is the official lineup.
Tickets +21 are available on the official website (buy yours here).


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