Noemi wake up! Condition of little girl shot improves

We want to join all the people who are close to Noemi ‘s family, to wish her a fast and optimal recovery, after her wake up in Naples hospital. The four-year-old girl was hit by a madman who shot in the center of Naples, as if it were in a movie or a video game, trying to kill a character from the underworld – Salvatore Nurcaro – mafia or camorra.

We are sure that even the men of the mafia, even the criminal people, would never want a little girl to be in the middle of a shooting, and we are happy that the Italian police managed to arrest him just yesterday, together with his brother.

Actually the four-year-old girl Noemi is breathing without assistance, and parents said she want to play, while she still is recovered in Naples Santobono Pausilipon hospital. The medical bulletin seems to be better then days ago.

Italian Police arrested the suspected gunman, which name is Armando Del Re, with his friend Antonio Del Re, suspected of having helped plan the hit of the victim. Del Re brothers have links to a drug-trafficking gang in Naples.
Even if Police is not sure about the motive of shooting, conditions of Noemi are the best news we have had in last days.

Matteo Salvini, italian interior minister, twitted his congratulations to italian investigators.
Luigi de Magistris, mayor of Naples, spoke of the responsibility that television shows such as the famous Gomorra series have in these actions.

Anyway let us express our happiness for the resumption of this child so strong, that we hope to invite a DNBN concert very soon, or at least to send her a copy of our EDM Electronic Dance Music songs, to cheer her up and celebrate the recovery.

A hug to the parents and to all of Naomi’s relatives from all the DNBN staff.

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