Levante duets with Carmen Consoli, a tribute to Sicily

The second single from Levante has just come out, “the strictly necessary”, sung together with Carmen Consoli, which has always been its great inspiration.
The single anticipates the new studio album.

Her video

Levante’s video is a tribute to Sicily, which shows us Ispica, Noto and the island of Capo Passero and Portopalo.

From the photography of Edoardo Bolli we can see the beautiful places of Sicily: the Loggiato del Sinatra, the Rupestrian Church of Santa Maria della Cava, the streets of the Cartidduni district in Ispica, the bay of San Lorenzo in Noto.

It is no coincidence that Levante chooses the vintage effect that brings to mind the first amateur films of the 70s when the cameras captured the holidays around the most beautiful places.

Levante not by chance wears a mother’s dress from 1977, as told by the same singer-songwriter on Instagram: «To the mother I dedicate this image. I took your 1977 dress and wore it. That was how I made you eternal ». At the end of the video, some shots taken from the backstage, with the embrace between the two protagonists, and the dedication to Sicily.

Many important collaborations that make Levante proud, but thanks to this duet with Carmen Consoli, they have realized a real dream.

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