The Amazon forest burning by weeks: why do we have news about just now?

The Amazon rainforest has been burning for three weeks; last Monday, the sky of San Paolo in Brazil is obscured by plunging the city into a surreal darkness.

It is the fault of the thick black smoke that is raised by the fires in the Amazon forest and that, unfortunately, due to the wind, is diffused several miles away until it reaches the Brazilian coasts.

Since then, only thanks to the images and videos released by many users on Social Networks, especially Twitter, the media have spoken of the very serious fires that are destroying the most important rainforest on the planet.

The Amazon forest suffered from time: in 2019 the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE) recorded more than 74 thousand fires and the fires reported in these images have interested the region for at least three weeks.


Why do we only talk about it now?

There is no doubt that the forest has been the subject of serious fires and suffering due to deforestation for years now, but the situation under the Bolsonaro government has only worsened.
The deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is constantly increasing and is carried out to make room for productive activities such as cattle breeding, agriculture, the wood trade and mining.
The natives try to make themselves heard, as well as the environmentalists, and the governments before the current one have tried to take measures to protect the Amazon forest and curb logging.

However, Bolsonaro has reversed this trend and, under his rule, deforestation has increased by over 80% in a few months, reaching levels that are, to say the least, alarming.

The most probable hypothesis is that the fires are the result of a wicked action of farmers and farmers to free the Amazon from the trees, so as to obtain more land to be allocated to productive activities.

Bolsonaro has never made any secret of putting the country’s economy first, rather than the environment.
And how could Brazil ever increase beef production without stealing land from the forest?

In such a context, it is clear that there is no interest in disclosing deforestation data or in informing the world about fires that are destroying the forest.

All of us have been late in discovering the fires that have devastated the Amazon for weeks and the information came only thanks to the users who shared the images of St. Paul darkened in the daytime by the smoke coming from the forest.

The disappearance of the rainforest should interest us all, because thanks to it the 20% of oxygen we breathe is produced.
We therefore hope that with the disclosure of this news, governments will now take urgent action.

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