K-Tune: the revolutionary platform for artists and producers

K-Tune is a new platform to allow musicians and producers to collaborate and will soon launch an ICO on Eidoo.

The platform will be global, dedicated to all the music producers in the world, but with a particular focus on K-Pop, the dominant musical genre in South Korea and now globalized throughout the music scene.

This allows anyone to become a K-Pop producer, for example.

The aim is in fact to bring together musical talents to produce music, thanks also to the so-called K-Tune Masters, or current producers and former professionals affiliated with K-Tune who will have the role of providing assistance.

Users will be able to share their work with the Masters to ask for advice or collaborations.

The platform will also have a market; the artists will sell their songs, texts or compositions.

Finally, the platform allows a fair distribution of royalties, which is by no means taken for granted in the sector to date. The K-Tune copyright system is based on blockchain technology, and allows complete monitoring
of all activities on the platform. This function also eliminates possible disputes between artists and distributes copyright in a simple and correct way.
Definitely a real revolution, especially in the world of k-pop.

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