Hardwell officially released “Retrograde” (video)

Hardwell’s most anticipated ID has finally out now.
We know it better as “Old School ID”, without a doubt the fan favorite last year; “Retrograde” is the new single from Hardwell, pioneer of the EDM.

Although over the years we have been able to see sudden changes in his musical style, Hardwell always remains on top of the peaks of the EDM panorama. As one of the leading producers who helped pave the way for EDM, his hard work in the industry has not gone unnoticed and his supporters are very fierce.

Hardwell retraces his memory:

 … “Your reactions were great when I played” Retrograde “at Tomorrowland 2018”

he shares on Twitter.

And now, finally, they can enjoy this new masterpiece: here is the video of “Retrograde”.


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