Died Philippe Zdar of Cassius one of EDM music pioneer

Few days ago is died the famous house producer and part of duo from France Cassius, Philippe Zdar. looks like he accidentally fell out of the window in house of Paris. Lot of people from community of EDM and House music is giving their tribute and their memory to the family and friends of the artist.

Philippe Zdar was member of the French Touch movement in the early 90, as with artists like Daft Punk, Justice, SebastiAn, and many other. As part of duo Cassius, Philippe Zdar produced seven albums in twenty years. Last of them was released just in the last few days of June 2019, with, released in the same day, the other work of Zdar with Hot Chip – a UK group – in the new album A Bath Full of Ecstasy.
Zdar also worked in all these years with many many groups behind the scenes, like Phoenix, Beastie Boys, and Franz Ferdinand. Philippe leaves an ex-wife and daughter.

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