Carnage is back in the EDM with “BLITZKRIEG” FEAT. NAZAAR

Carnage breaks back with a new song, “BLITZKRIEG” feat. NAZAAR.

This new masterpiece by Carnage is a disco weapon; his EDM talent is undeniable. Combining the psytrance with heavy bass and hard house manages to keep the energy high and varies to the point that you are not sure of anything, or where you are or if you hit your head too hard on the ceiling as you danced.

A couple months ago, Carnage returned with a new song called “Letting People Go.” It wasn’t the Carnage we’d come to know, but still presented a part of his personality that he wanted fans to know was there. He followed it up with “Wait For Me” featuring G-Eazy and Wiz Khalifa, easing his way back into the thick of it, but now he’s 100% back on his bullshit with “Blitzkrieg” feat. Nazaar.

And now here is the video.


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