AVENGERS: ENDGAME, a discarded scene of a duel between the Hulk and Thanos came out

On the occasion of the D23, during the panel dedicated to Disney’s feature films, some drawings of scenes rejected by Avengers: Endgame were shown, all – apparently – during the final battle, between the heroes and armies of Thanos. Among these is a time when Tony Stark and Pepper kiss on the battlefield, and another in which the Hulk takes revenge against Thanos.

A scene, the latter, certainly interesting given that in the previous film Thanos had defeated him with his bare hands, forcing the dying Heimdall to send Bruce Banner back to Earth for help. Why was this scene discarded?

“There would have been revenge if he had not become Smart Hulk. He is different, and he is no longer motivated by the same things.”

Christopher Markus e Stephen McFeely said.


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