After the controversy, Paola Turci conquers Battiti Live

After the numerous controversies, Paola Turci gets up and wins the Battiti Live stage.

The singer has had an active career for over thirty years and her success is also due to her incredible ability to know how to use the new instruments and stay close to the younger audience. Paola Turci is in fact a fan of Instagram and it is precisely on her profile that a sort of controversy has been unleashed in recent days. Fortunately, with his latest post, serenity seems to have returned,

Battiti Live is already a great event that gives important moments, but this time the undisputed queen of the evening is just her, Paola Turci. The singer opens her show with her great success “Fatti bella per te”, which involves the whole audience.

After a question from a fan Paola Turci answers: “write a rap? Still no, I will do it but I will not let anyone feel it”.
And it’s a real shame …
Meanwhile, let’s enjoy Paola Turci’s last song.


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