A journey through the history of EDM through videos

The story of how EDM was born and how it developed over the decades is a really interesting topic for music lovers.
Generally, people believe that when it comes to EDM it is simply “music created with electronic devices” … when in reality, saying so, it is claimed that all music is electronic since for decades almost all music is partly produced also thanks to digital.

The EDM, the real one, is instead the fruit of the experimentation of a futuristic music, above all based on synthesizers and softwere … the EDM wants indeed to exalt the sound created by these digital, analogical instruments.

The beginning

The EDM is born, officially we mean the electronic music and not going backwards in the centuries to look for those who first experience certain things, in the 70s. In the second half of the 1970s, in fact, many artists and groups began to exploit the new sonic possibilities of synthesizers to complement their songs (such as Genesis, Kraftwekr and Pink Floid).

Since the 1970s, the EDM has since expanded and grown to become the musical macro-age that it is now.

Let us then go on to discover, through the most iconic EDM artists, how EDM has evolved to date.

Put on your headphones, the journey is starting.

EDM through videos

Let’s start with the beginnings …

We continue with the 80s, in which the EDM saw the greatest success.

We therefore arrive at the full maturity of EDM: the 90s.

And then we enter in the ’00, for the great finale.


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